New Jersey Fishing Reports

Your New Jersey Fishing Experience

Our New Jersey fishing reports are the ultimate guide for anglers and guests looking to explore the best fishing spots in the state. With our in-depth updates on fishing patterns both offshore and in Barnegat Bay, you can be assured of an exciting and fulfilling experience. Our reports provide detailed information about deep sea fishing and inshore fishing, helping you understand which fish are biting, when they are biting and where they are biting in New Jersey's saltwater.

Our deep sea fishing report covers everything from the types of fish that can be caught to their feeding habits, migration patterns, and preferred bait. We also highlight the most productive times of day for catching specific fish species. On the other hand, our inshore fishing report provides insights into shallow water areas where anglers can catch a variety of fish like fluke, striped bass, bluefish and weakfish throughout the season.

We get these questions a lot. What is the best bait for striped bass in New Jersey? What color lure is best for stripers? Where can I fish for tuna in NJ? The striper fishing in New Jersey is very consistent and there a few go to baits that we use that produce really big Striped Bass consistently. We love using Bloodworms, Live Eels sometimes Clams and more. We have found that drifting live eels is an extremely productive way to fish for stripers. When it comes to selecting a Lure for striper fishing we find that trolling or casting lures in a variety of colors is effective. We try to use lighter colors on bright sunny days because those tend to look more natural in the water, on overcast darker days we stick with some more natural and darker colors and also use a lot of white lures. Tuna fishing in NJ is very good year round, best spot to catch Tuna in New Jersey is in the Canyons, we also have a couple secret spots up our sleeve as well!

The best part about fishing in New Jersey is that there is always something to catch, whether we are catching Tuna out in the canyons in mid summer or catching striped bass in Barnegat Bay, there is always some good fishing to be done! We love teaching new anglers how to fish and showing them the ropes of Saltwater fishing, The Jersey Shore is an incredible place to do all of those things. We cant wait to fish with you and so appreciate you choosing to support our small business!

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